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Acrylic resin Dacryl SP-642 "bis"

Acrylic resin Dacryl sp-642 "bis"

Dear partners! In 2020, Euro Chemicals LLC received the official dealership of Corund LLC in terms of the sale of acrylic resins of the Dacril brand.

Suspension copolymers based on methacrylic monomers

Application: Dacryl SP-642 "bis" - low molecular weight resins based on methacrylic monomers. They are spherical solid particles that can be used in various applications for a wide range of requirements, in particular, for applying transparent and pigmented coatings when painting metals, plastics, paper, road marking materials. Features: Dacryl resins SP-642 "bis" are a product of suspension copolymerization of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and butyl methacrylate (BMA), while differing in molecular weight values. It is characterized by elasticity, high light and chemical resistance. It has good adhesion to various materials, such as plastic, metal, paper, textiles. They dissolve in esters, ketones, glycol esters, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Dacryl resins SP-642 "bis" are compatible with most PVC resins, chlorinated rubber, low molecular weight epoxy, some phenolic. 


The norm

Test method


SP-642 "bis"

1. Appearance

solid transparent balls

Enterprise methodology

2.Molecular weight Mw, th..g/mol


DIN 55672-1

3. Glass transition temperature, 0С


ISO 11357-2:1990

4. Viscosity number, сm3/g


DIN 51562

5. Dynamic viscosity, MPa·s


GOST EN 13302-2013

6. Acid number, mg KOH/g, within


DIN 53402

7. Particle size (D50), micron

               100 - 300

Enterprise methodology

8. Mass fraction of moisture, %, no more


GOST 14870

9. Mass fraction of residual monomers, % by weight, no more


The methodology of the enterprise (GLC)

Packing: resin SP-642 "bis" is packed in polypropylene bags according to TU 2297-002-05749234 or in three-, five-layer open paper bags of NM grade according to GOST 2226 with a polyethylene liner according to TU 6-52-18 ... or with a polyethylene bag according to TU 6-19-151-256. The insert is welded. The net weight of the product in the bag is (25 ± 0.25) kg. It is allowed to pack the product in other required conditions for the preservation of the material.

Storage conditions and warranty period:

Resins Dacryl SP-642 "bis" should be stored in the original, unopened container of the manufacturer in a dry, protected from direct sunlight at a distance of at least 1 m from heat sources. The guaranteed shelf life of Dacryl SP-642 "bis" resin is at least 5.0 years from the date of production (according to the "Moisture" indicator - no more than two months).

You can download the quality passport on this page.

Comparative characteristics of acrylic resin Dacryl SP-642 "bis" with imported acrylic resins Degalan LP 64/12, -65/12 and Elvasite E-2016 can be found here.